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Director | Cinematographer

Captain Kidd “Freaky Love”

Hell at Heathridge: Cell Phone

Hell at Heathridge Trailer

USG Programming

Deceived Book Trailer


Promo: Midnight City

Kent in London: When in London

Clip: Mobile Phones

Kent in London: America

Promo: Pep Talk

Hell at Heathridge Kickstarter Teaser

What’s My Age Again?

Amish Patel

Natalie Moses

2012 Demo Reel


Summer Roc

Summer Roc Teaser 2

Summer Roc Teaser 1

Featured Artist Keilyn

Where Do You Hang?


Tau Kappa Epsilon Saturdays

Dangerous Colors “Trigger Finger”

Call Me Maybe

Summer Sessions 2012

TreaZon “Too High”

St. Jude Concert

Doritos Commercial

Keilyn Live

Patrenzo Kennedy Live

Blood and Specs

Summer Sessions 2011

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What is Kent in London?

25th June 2013 by admin

As I have continuously been posting about my experiences abroad, I figured it was time to explain what this Global Advertising and PR class is all about.

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Television from one country to another.

29th May 2013 by admin

Beginning my research in America and then continuing it in London, I have analyzed the differences and similarities between television shows that began in the U.K. and were brought to America.

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A few of my favorite things.

27th May 2013 by admin

There is so much to love about London. It is nearly impossible to choose just one. Every building, every brick has so much history to appreciate whether there’s rain or sun.

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